Continuum Annabelle Ebener

Situated in the middle of Fritschlach’s nature reserve in Daxlanden, the Waterworld is surrounded by two waterbodies, the Alte Federbach and the Saumseen. The project is intended to contribute to a diverse new Rhine culture in which species protection, innovative production and recreational activities mutually enrich each other. Hence, the Waterworld offers visitors, researchers, and staff a various of interior and exterior spaces and thus increases the value of the plot.

The complex addresses the concept of in between spaces connecting three different institutions which are defined as the science department, food department and exhibition area. The project is structured by a 10×10 meter grid creating inmaterial structures marked by trees as well as material structures which are placed as pergola elements. The structure of the pergola varies depending on different plant species or usages and therefore creates different atmospheres within the in between spaces. Furthermore, the project follows the idea of permeability, offering the visitor to access from all sides of the plot. Entering the inner street one can experience visual connections between the institutions emphasised by glass atriums allowing the visitor to observe transitions of nature but also work processes within the building.

In conclusion, this Waterworld is all about extending to the surrounding and creating an open, continuous passage with different atmospheres and new insights about water and fish biodiversity.

Annabelle Ebener @annabelle.ebener


Prof. Simon HartmannProfessur Bauplanung und Entwerfen


Prof. Christian InderbitzinProfessur Stadt und Wohnen
Daxlanden, Karlsruhe