Integration of LCA in Building Information Modeling, Documentation and Evaluation of BIM-based LCA of an Office Building Integration of LCA in Building Information Modeling

In an era of heightened environmental awareness, the architectural landscape is undergoing a profound shift towards sustainability. In the context of this transformation, the integration of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) into Building Information Modeling (BIM) has emerged, promising a holistic approach to sustainable design. However, while the theoretical framework is well-established, practical applications remain limited, creating a gap between theory and practice. By delving into the complexities and potentials of BIM-LCA integration, the thesis aims to develop a practical framework, evaluating the possibilities and limitations
of design complementing LCA during a project’s design stages.
Therefore, this thesis presents the state of the art of LCA and BIM-LCA integration and its application in a case study project. The research focuses on developing an integrative design workflow for BIM and LCA, enabling informed decision-making
and optimization throughout the entire planning process.
The results demonstrate the feasibility of integrating LCA in BIM during the early stages of the design process, providing valuable insights into the environmental performance of different design variations. Despite challenges such as additional expense, manual mapping of materials, and uncertainties in data sources, the integration approach can streamline the implementation of LCA. Overall, the thesis highlights the potential of BIM-LCA integration to enhance sustainability in building design and construction. By leveraging BIM and LCA technologies, architects and designers can make informed decisions to create more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient buildings.

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Workflow BIM & LCA Integration
LCA im Projektverlauf
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Integration of LCA in Building Information Modeling


Prof. Dr. Petra von BothProfessur Building Lifecycle Management


Prof. Dr. Rosemarie WagnerProfessur Bautechnologie