More Than a Water Tower, Biodiversity at La Villette Julia Kappeler

“A park like a large discontinuous building.” This was the original idea behind Bernhard Tschumi’s design for the “Parc de la Villette” in Paris. While there are many green spaces, the park offers only a very small amount of biodiversity of flora and fauna and reflects the urban character of a huge city. With my project I introduce a new ecosystem to the sealed “Parc de la Villette”. On the one hand, the concept offers space for several plants and animals, while on the other hand, visitors are introduced to the essential topic of species protection in an urban context. This is the responsibility of the new “Species-protection Verein”, which is sensitively integrated into the new system of vegetation strips, along with a Café and a Biolab. The work focuses on the integration of inhabitants, animals, and plants in an urban park. The created concept for biodiversity shows a way to deal with climate problems in urban areas and represents a contemporary transformation of public space.

Model view 01
Ground floor plan
Isometric view
Cross Section Vegetation Zones
Perspective Section
Isometric view of the pavilions
Model view 02
Design Development
Julia Kappeler


Prof. Simon HartmannProfessur Bauplanung und Entwerfen


Prof. Christian InderbitzinProfessur Stadt und Wohnen
La Villette, Paris