The wood reuse center Léa Christen Amélie Giraud

It is in the context of a climate crisis that the majority of wood waste is transformed into particle boards or burned for biomass in France.

A significant part of this „waste“ still has the mechanical and/or aesthetic qualities to be reused.

This project is based on the scenario of a new imaginary legislation encouraging the sorting and reuse of wood from deconstruction sites, industry and retail. It offers a vision for a new large-scale recovery industry, creating a solid alternative to new wood for professionals: architects, carpenters or craftspeople for instance

Located in a former industrial wasteland in the city of Sarreguemines, the wood reuse center consists of a logistics area to manage material flows, various processing lines to clean and reference each element, a large stock of raw materials and open workshops to transform some of these materials directly on site.
The northern part of the site and the forest to the east are designed as public spaces, with the ambition of raising visitors awareness for reuse.

In order to make the project accessible to all, we have project to everyone, we have co-created a comic book with Léa CHRISTEN.

Léa Christen Amélie Giraud