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AR Toolbox is a lecture series about architectural graphic expression and representation that aims at developing a skill set of analog and digital tools for students to learn how to communicate and describe an object/space/architectural project. It consists of 8 weekly sessions that will take place the semester.

Rheinhafen in Karlsruhe is home to an almost endless variety of objects such as cranes, ships, towers, small buildings, and many more, whose form can be explained to a large extent by their function. Each student got assigned one of these objects which he had to understood and represent in multiple ways during the different toolbox tasks.

Hochwassersperrtor - Luis Gallian
Ship Refuelling - Johannes Döring
Betonwerk - Hannah Krug
Loading Station SPAETER - Sara Selmani
Rhenus Logistics Crane - Louisa Wolf
Peterbeton - Bruno Hooß
Containerkran - Johnathan Rath
Joscha Bold Linus-Tom Harsch Yufei Chen Frederik Busch Luis Gallian Sara Selmani Johannes Döring Hannah Krug Jonathan Rath Julija Urbsaite Mick Stuhldreher Lea Giambelluca Michael Teufel Diana Lenhardt Lukas Moratzky Elis Ramadan Silvia Kaiser Max Fuchs Michelle Laux Bruno Hooss Seline Oelmann Rebecca-Marie Höchemer Philipp Timmermann Luisa Wolf Moritz Buck Linus Plaggemeier Malak Ismail Lena Bauder Parinaz Shafiee Xinyu Yu An Li Delphine Holzwarth Greta Swain Giang Do Pascal Weiss Julien Fünfgeld Kim Hildenbrand Fabian Ladiges Yiqi Gao
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KIT am Meer 2
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Prof. Simon HartmannProfessur Bauplanung und Entwerfen Andjela BrasanacWissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter Josep GarrigaWissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter Benjamin KrügerWissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter Natalia Vera Vigaray Patxi Martin
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