USEFUL FINDINGS 3D Diverse Autor*innen

USEFUL FINDINGS 3D is an exploration of architectural episodes from the scale of the body to the scale of the city through 3D representation. Reframing the interest of architectural references from their mere interpretation and analysis of fixed images towards a detailed construction of the spaces it creates, the modeling process becomes the spatial learning experience and the output an operative object for the future. More than a catalog of images, it is a collectively built collection of architectural references that can be used as a design tool during creative development. Soon to become an open online repository.

Vertical connector, Pavilion, Impressive interior space
Collective Catalogue
Rhino .3dm Model
Pascal Knopf Fotios Kontogiannopoulos Silvi Koçiu Patricia Link Fabrizio Canessa Nicolas Bär Nils Bachert Gabriela Cetrez Philip Brücher