Filling the Void Diverse Autor*innen

The semester programme explored performance-led design as an urgent opportunity to re-imagine the future of our high streets as diverse communal and social centres. Over the semester, students staged a series of installations along Kaiserstraße to ask how we can fill the void at the heart of our towns and cities today. Considering the city as a stage, the studio was organised into three Acts, each building upon one another:

Act I (The Life and Death of Kaiserstraße) The students created a catalogue analysing the abandoned spaces along Kaiserstrasse, revealing the street itself to be a void.

Act II (Filling the Void) Collage was used as a tool to create accidental moments. Participatory design projects engaged the community and tested spaces along Kaiserstrasse.

Act III (The Finale and the Beginning) brought together members of the community over a day-long performance. A series of installations (Ghost Town, Synthes!zer, Unframe, Unadvertised, Sensory Garden, Patchworkshop) evolved over the course of the day to encourage different activities. The Architekturschaufenster have adopted these installations, providing an afterlife for the project.

The semester was complementeda by a series of seminars, workshops, guest lectures, and a trip to London.

Table of Possibilities

Joan Arnold, Katja Hildebrandt und Alvaro Pozo


Booz und Potier

Sensory Garden

Oliver Leitzbach, Anne Jensch, Alba Arevalo Castro


Alexandra Rodriguez Guim, Mariea Emelina, Freia Prager und Saverio Haaß

Alexandra Rodriguez Guim Mariea Emelina Freia Prager Saverio Haaß Oliver Leitzbach Anne Jensch Alba Arevalo Castro Katja Hildebrandt Joan Arnold Alvaro Pozo Felix Booz Filling the Void